What if you could take back Ownership of your data?

Introducing Datareum: a Decentralized Marketplace for Data

Data Providers:

  • Take control of your data
  • Monetise your information
  • Release only what you want
  • Earn money by filling out surveys
  • Earn residual income on your data

Data Requesters:

  • Make custom surveys
  • Reduce costs by eliminating intermediaries
  • Resell your results on the Datareum Marketplace
  • Fund customer research by selling your products directly to your customers
  • Data requesters such as businesses, researchers, academics

The Datareum Decentralized Data Market

Datareum’s platform provides a marketplace for high quality data. Data Providers continuously earn DTN as the data they have provided is resold. Data Requesters pay for customized data, which can be resold for profit.

You will like our

Eco System

A liquid market for DTN is achieved: Data Providers can sell earned DTN on the open market or sell it back Data Requesters in exhange for goods and services.

EcoSystem EcoSystem

IntroducingDatareum Token Sale

Token Pre-sale starts at April 28, 2018 12PM UTC

00 days
00 hrs
00 min
00 sec
$500 000 Softcap


Presale Bonus tokens
Min. contribution = 1 ETH
1 ETH to 4.9 ETH = 10%
5 ETH or more = 20%

What do you get?

Token Distribution & Usage

Our crowd sale will be double-audited with all tokens held in escrow and returned
to buyers if the softcap is not reached

  • Application Development
  • Research and Operation
  • Marketing
  • Reserved
  • Legal

Use Of Proceeds


Token Distribution

  • Crowd sales
  • Advisors & Strategic Partners
  • Founders & Team Members (Lock up 1 Year)
  • Future Funding (Lock up 2 Year)
  • Airdrops & Bounties

1 000 000 000

Market Cap

600 000 000

Total token
for sales

$ 0.03


$500 000 Softcap



Release Coming Soon

Road Map

  • Nov 17 Research & concept development
  • Mar 18 Launch of DTN website, community, airdrop and bounty program
  • Apr 18 DTN Pre-Sale
  • May 18 Public Sales Whitelist
  • Jun 18 DTN Public Sale
  • Jul 18 Tokens issued after KYC
  • Aug 18 Tokens listed in exchanges
  • Q4 2018 Completion of Smart contract payment and data exchange services
  • Q4 2018 Wallet system
  • Q1 2019 Launch of Provider & Requester web portals
  • Q1 2019 Launch of IOS and Android app for both Providers & Requesters
  • Q3 2019 Continue strategic acquisitions and investments to support the adoption and growth of Bitcoin, Blockchain and FinTech globally.
  • Q4 2019 Launch of Data Marketplace
  • Q1 2020 E-commerce platform to list products from requesters, payable in DTN
  • Q2 2020 Launch Marketing campaigns across Europe and United States
  • Q3 2020 Launch Marketing campaigns in Asia

Who works with us

Our Team

Jorge Perez
Jorge Perez


Maximiliano Garcia
Maximiliano Garcia


Anna Mikhailova
Anna Mikhailova

Head of Finance

Jonathon Ainsworth
Jonathon Ainsworth

Head of Operation

Justin Hale
Justin Hale

Head of Marketing

Aaron Kobeissi
Aaron Kobeissi

Front End Engineer

Alejandro Garcia
Alejandro Garcia

Backend Engineer

Raphael Mateo
Raphael Mateo

Lead Designer

Sofia Rocci
Sofia Rocci

Community Manager